The Vision

To see the Gospel of the Kingdom advancing in Northern Honduras by partnering with local churches to train and equip the next generation of leaders.  

Our goal is to create two-way connections with the local Church through educational programs, mercy ministries, pastoral and leader training, and resourcing that serve as well as provide service outlets for local churches to invest in the expansion of God's all encompassing Kingdom throughout this region of Honduras.  

Physical Restoration

To display God's love and healing of His creation.  We are meeting this goal through mercy ministries such as medical clinics, a home for teenage mom's, and a street boys drop in center that not only meet physical needs but also equip each individual through education and discipleship to be leaders in the local church and community.  

Spiritual Restoration

 To see God's salvation in Christ alone by faith alone known throughout La Ceiba and the surrounding areas.  We are accomplishing this goal by investing in existing churches through Biblical and Theological education, pastoral and leader training, financial and stewardship conferences, and providing access to Biblically sound resources and materials.