The Villanueva Family

When God calls a family to serve Him, the family can't go against His will.  The family was called by God to serve Him and His church and they have obediently been doing so for many years now.  They are a family of five: Raul is a retired photographer, now a pastor and professor; Alma has a heart for children and women, and she's a teacher; oldest son Rick studies Business and Math at Bob Jones University in South Carolina; Chris studies International Business and Finance at Unitec in San Pedro Sula; and Jocsan is a senior in high school and currently is taking some seminary classes at SEBCAH in Siguatepeque.  

God opened the doors for them to be a part of this team before they even knew about it.  Raul serves at the Bible Institute teaching and training church leaders.  Alma is the director in training at Puerta de Esperanza and will be taking over leadership of that ministry this summer.  They believe these projects have a great future and are excited about furthering these ministries for the glory of Christ.   


  • For the family as they move to La Ceiba from the opposite side of the country. 
  • For their transition into working with team La Ceiba and take on new roles.