To Give Lasting Hope

Puerta de Esperanza (Door of Hope) is a home for teenage, single moms that opened in January, 2012.  The home serves girls that come out of abuse, broken families, and extreme poverty.  Each of the girls stories is unique, but they all have deep hurts and deep need.  The only answer for these girls is the hope of Jesus.  The home strives to provide first and foremost Spiritual care and teaching for the girls in hopes that they will come to know the Lord personally and grow in their faith.  The home also provides education, job training, parenting training, budgeting skills training, and more.  The girls become a family while they live in PDE and the ministry seeks to foster that even after the girls move out.

Get Involved 

You Can Financially Support the work of PDE HEre 

Donate Clothing & Supplies

Given the financial realities and situations of many of those we work with we often donate clothing or other household supplies.   Through the medical team, Puerta de Esperanza, and the Peter Project this is a fairly consistent need.  Generally we need baby and toddler clothing, clothing for teenage boys and girls, and all the normal baby supplies.  Contact Shannon for specific info and how to best get supplies to Honduras.