Adam, Michelle, Jacob (7), & Asher (5)

Adam, Michelle, Jacob (7), & Asher (5)

The Cain Family

Adam and Michelle hail from Phoenix, AZ and have 2 boys, Jacob and Asher. The Cains have been in La Ceiba since 2013 and recently signed on for another 4 years.

On their second date, Adam and Michelle discovered they had a mutual love for missions.  Ten years later they followed the Lord's call to serve the people of Honduras.  While visiting La Ceiba, the Cains were struck by the vast number of orphans, broken homes, extreme poverty, lack of education and a deep need for the transforming power of the gospel.  

Adam and Michelle both grew up in the Church, which had a huge impact on their lives.  Their desire tis to provide this same impact for Hondurans through establishing Christ-centered churches to further the Kingdom of God.  Adam's role is to recruit nationals for church leadership positions, walk with them in relationship, assist in their theological education, and empower them to make disciples as they serve their communities.  The Cains have been a part of team La Ceiba since 2013.  

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